Join The Team

Join The Team

Minnesota Home Talk is always looking for qualified agents to join our team. We have a very unique approach to how we operate our real estate practice.

To provide our clients with the best service we have created a team of agents, and a team of related service providers. This network of professionals is what sets us apart from every other real estate group. Our goal is to acquire for our team the top specialists from different areas of real estate practice.

Minnesota Home Talk is the premiere source of advice and representation for people who need help with a real estate transaction. When people have an important medical issue they go to an organization of specialists like the Mayo Clinic. When people have an important legal issue they find the best law firm that has specialists with expertise in different areas of law.

The real estate business also has many different areas of specialization, our network of agents work together to help each other make sure that all of our clients get the highest level of representation possible.

If you are already a real estate specialist, or would like to learn more about how you can become one, fill out the introduction form below and introduce yourself to us!!